A very warm welcome and hello from me.


When visiting this site, I hope you gain an insight into my style of therapy, gain knowledge from the books recommended, while learning about my workshops and the inspired products that I have created to assist you along your journey.


My personal wish for you is that you achieve your dreams, attain financial freedom, foster and develop worthwhile and loving relationships, live in a nurturing and uplifting environment while getting around in a fit and healthy body.


An absolute must is that your work and career reflect your true hearts desire.


If you desire assistance to achieve living your desired life, I can guide, coach and counsel you in a way that takes into account your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical needs.


It is imperative that each and everyone receives personalized, individual guidance and healing which supports their spiritual contract and highest good.


Reaching your potential and attaining the life you want will require that you choose wisely in the moment and 'always' requires you start from where you are now.


A worthwhile intention is an Inspired Life.


Enjoy... Rowena