I am a firm believer in holistic care and will therefore work with you in an individual and holistic way.

I accomplish this using a mixture of therapeutic practices, counselling, coaching, guidance and hands on Reiki healing.

Included also is a mixture of  ancient wisdom derived from Numerology, Astrology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Chakra Energy System and guidance cards. This allows a well rounded overview of you.


 The wisdom and knowledge I use to direct you, comes from my experience as a midwife (of 10 years), having a Bachelor of Psychology, being energy sensitive (having the ability to read your energy field) and conveying guidance (from your higher self). 

Over the years I have also read extensively in the field of self-help, health, business, the energy field and well being (some of this is available to you to study, and located in the suggested reading list on this website).

When working with you, I first ask you why you have come in and in what areas you would like to see change? I then request you write an intention of the change you would like to see.


To look at you holistically, I observe you in the following areas; spiritually (what you believe to be true, as this helps define your reality), mentality (how you think?), emotionally and physically (there is a set of questions I ask to gather information on areas such as sleep, nutrition, exercise etc).

You are then given a large amount of time to discuss your situation, concerns and needs.

Included in each session is a 1/2 hour Reiki healing treatment designed to lift "stuck" energy, release negative core belief patterns and old emotions that are creating blocks and addictions.

You will come away from each session with insight, direction, guidance and a homework sheet of practical strategies. Most importantly, you will have had a mindset shift and the clarity around what to do next and how to achieve it. 

New client sessions are 2 hours and cost $400. Clients are invited to use the online booking system. Please feel free to also call or text 0403 897 081 or email to book. 


Existing clients are 1 1/2 hours and cost $300. Ongoing clients are invited to use the online booking system.

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“Rowena has been instrumental in helping me to create my desired business and also determine a clearer path in life. She conducts her sessions in a challenging and supportive way, weaving in different tools that help you to see your current situation more clearly. Rowena has a unique ability to draw from the more spiritual parts of life and combine those with a keen intellect, as well as grounded and practical tools. In particular, I have found the book “Living Your Desired Life!” a well thought out and useful tool to ensure that you are creating a well-rounded and purpose driven life. When I reflect on how I have changed over the past 12 months, I firmly believe that I would not have been able to change so much without the healing, wisdom and guidance Rowena has provided. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to change and move their life in a different direction; whether that be making a significant change or simply seeking to fine tune aspects of their life.” Vanessa (Perth)