Why use your Secret Women’s Business Cards?


Cards are a very good way for you to gain access to your higher self and guidance. It allows you to ask questions that are particular to many areas of your life especially your business.


Gaining awareness and guidance provides you with wisdom and knowledge which is otherwise more difficult to discern.


If you have any emotional connection to the question or outcome, which most of us have when it comes to our own lives then guidance through other sources can prove frustrating and at times expensive.


So the cards are a great tool you can access each day if needed.


When to use them?


Use your cards when you need to make a decision, need reassurance, direction, to know who to trust and go into business with or when you need to decide which tradesman to use at your house etc.


You will need to getto “know” your cards and over time you will discern cards in your pack which really pertain to a certain situation.


I get the “Just do it” card when I have been using procrastination as a strategy!


How to use them?


To get the best results from your cards read and follow instructions from the guidebook. Write your questions down in a journal.


Take note of the cards you pull out. Write down your cards under the question, intuitive nudges and action plan. Review your journal regularly to ensure you are following through on your thoughts and action plan.


Relax and have fun with a new way to bring in guidance for yourself and others.