One of my favourite sessions to conduct is a mix of counselling, coaching and includes a past life regression.

If you experience fears, phobias or difficulties in current relationships, it may be worthwhile to do a past life regression with you to create the dynamic shift you require.


I will conduct the session as normal but stop sooner to allow enough time to perform the regression session by extending the energy healing Reiki session.  In this time the client is relaxing on a massage table (the same for the Reiki treatment) and a guided meditation plays while they receive Reiki.

Which past lives you visit and release is usually guided by whatever is your intention to heal, currently! There is no "work" which needs to be done on your part. Just relax and release.

It is usual for me to pick up around 3 past lives which are currently influencing you and need releasing.

New client sessions are 2 hours and cost $400. Please phone or text 0403 897 081 or email to book.

Existing client sessions are 1 1/2 hours and cost $300. You are invited to use the online booking system.

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