Being an energy sensitive person, and able to discern and read other people's energy fields is a gift I am proud of. I love receiving, listening too and channeling guidance. It gives me great pleasure to be able to pass the benefits of this gift on to you. 

I have the ability to see, hear, feel and "know" energies, higher vibrations and guidance. The ability to be able to 'hear' what you need to 'know' is passed on to you so you can understand yourself more and make wiser decisions based on this knowhow.

In order to coach someone, I feel you need to know how best to guide them and what's in their best interest and highest good. My guidance gives me the confidence to be able to do this well. I am also able to teach you "how" to listen to your own intuition and trust it's message.

During each session I will do a mini reading of guidance cards which will give you more wisdom and direction in every aspect of your life. My clients find this fun, informative and look forward to seeing what their cards say each session.

I have created for your ongoing use, 2 decks of oracle cards, one called "The Secret Women's Business" card deck and guidebook, the other, "The Flourish Emotional Well-being" cards.  These are available to purchase here, from our ONLINE STORE.

New client sessions are 2 hours and cost $400 and can be booked online under the initial consult or please phone/ text 0403 897 081 or email to book.

Existing client sessions are 1 1/2 hours at a cost of $300. You are invited to use the online booking system.

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