Welcome and congratulations for getting organised and booking your next appointment with Rowena.

For your convenience I have created an easy online booking system which allows you to book an appointment day and time which suits!

 Payment is through paypal or with a credit card... plus you will receive a reminder email, too easy!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Rowena's coaching sessions will give you the guidance and know how, on any issue, so you will have the clarity and confidence to live your life to your full potential.  

Rowena will explore with you your mindset, assess your physical and emotional state, while discovering what's meaningful and purposeful to you. 

To enhance health and wellbeing and remove any energy blocks, Rowena will do a half-hour Reiki energy healing at the end of the session.

Rowena will also takes notes and give  you a written plan to assist you moving forward on your life path.

PLEASE NOTE...New Clients can now book online.