I am a Reiki practitioner and have the ability to channel energy to release emotional build-up. This in turn invokes a healing response from the body, which aids relaxation and restoration.

A Reiki session is included in all sessions with me.


Counselling will bring to the surface current and old emotions. It is in your best interest to release and surrender these built-up emotions. Clients visibly look different after a Reiki session with me. Their eyes are brighter and the face smoother (less stressed). I love seeing this (it never gets old)!

Releasing emotions allows you to better handle life's challenges and further practice habit change without the drag of old emotions. Release the emotions and the stuck patterns are easier to shift with behaviour change.

Releasing trauma, old emotions, stuck energy and debilitating feeling states (like shame and guilt), lift your energy and mood, promoting an improved motivation and willingness to move forward.

New client sessions are 2 hours and cost $400. Please phone or text 0403 897 081 or email to book.

Existing clients are 1 1/2 hours and cost $300.


You are invited to use the online booking system.

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