Improve your business and emotional well-being by using these inspirational products to give you simple, practical and insightful guidance. These beautiful cards are  designed to help you feel better and gain clarity with confidence in your business and personal journey. Rowena's extensive study in the mind-body-spirit relationship allows her to fully integrate her knowledge base into each product to assist you. These practical and motivational products enable you to become more of your potential, who you would love to be! Each product allows you to utilize wisdom and guidance to build  personal and business success daily, while enhancing your authentic and individual journey. We wish you well!

New to Rowena's Collection...

The Flourish Emotional Well-being Guidance Cards
The 52 Flourish Cards are a beautifully designed oracle tool created to teach you how to heal and progress your relationship with yourself and others, using guidance and wisdom.  Each card reading will assist you to gain an understanding of the events happening around, and to you, while empowering you to act with insight.  Use these cards to feel better and achieve the insight and confidence to move your personal partnerships, family, friends and life forward. 
 Rowena's recommendation is to pose your question (for the best results) as  "what do I need to know about this situation?
"Rowena's Flourish cards consistently help me through the times where I need guidance and reassurance that I am on the right path. I have used these Flourish cards on my friends and family and they have always benefitted from them. The cards have helped me in times of need and allow me to trust that the universe is setting me on the right journey. I will continue to use there cards no matter how big or small my questions/intentions are'. Sara (Sydney)

New Shipment has arrived of the Best Seller...
The Secret Women's Business Guidance Cards
The 44 Secret Women's Business Cards are a stellar gift, perfect for you and your business. Designed as an oracle tool and created to assist you to make wise and insightful decisions for your business. Progress your business using guidance and wisdom, each day; it's like having a business coach in your corner 24/7. 
Each card reading will assist you to gain an understanding of the opportunities, possibilities  and choices open to you, prompting you to make wiser decisions!  Cards include messages like Divine Timing, Financial Review, Yes and Saying No. These cards allow you to act with insight, while empowering you to grow in wisdom. Gain confidence and clarity as you and your business soar. 
Rowena's recommendation is to pose your question (for the best results)... "Is it in my best interest and highest good to...?"
"Great cards - exactly what I needed to fill a niche for career and business readings - most decks are either general or career/finance, but this really covers the range of issues you face when building a business. Fabulous". HV

Improve you productivity and effectiveness using...
The Secret Women's Business Companion Journal
Write and reflect with purpose in your Companion Journal.  Spend a few moments writing down your thoughts, feelings and inspired actions, gleamed from your Secret Women's Business card reading.
The Secret Women's Companion Journal allows you to create a written plan so that you can come back to it and review it often.
How are you progressing?  Are you following your guidance?  Which cards are repeating themselves?
This companion journal allows you to create a written plan that has attitude and is as effective and productive as reviewing your goals! Not sure how effective reviewing your goals are? Look for the top tips on goal setting in the 'Living your Desired Life, Goal Setting Book"...set out below.

A Practical Guide to Achieving Your Goals to Live Your Desired Life...
Living your Desired Life...Goal Set and Core Belief Transformation
This book will help you to find focus, determination, a practical plan and generous tips along the way. Dedicated to those looking to fulfill their potential and live a life which dreams are made of.
Here is a practical guide which allows you to get to know yourself better, set goals and allow them to unfold in sensational steps. Included are opportunities to write out in full your mission statement, intention, values and definition of success (and keep them all in one spot).
Filled with goal setting, practical tips and ending with a comprehensive exploration of your core beliefs. The core belief exploration is in 4 pillar areas of your life; health, home, wealth and relationships. This allows you to work on how to identify and release old patterns, in these areas, in order to create new ones and manifest the life of your dreams.  We want to see you heal and prosper!
"Even though it can't get much better right now.  There is nothing I'd rather be doing right now than designing my desired life.  This book is the best self-help development book I know and I promise you once you start goal setting you will become ADDICTED!  There is no greater investment than in yourself and your future.  Believe that, dream big!" Brooke via INSTAGRAM (Perth)

Tools for Greatness...
Secret Women's Business Bundle
Feel empowered to move forward with the Secret Women's Business Bundle which includes the Secret Women's Business Guidance Cards, SWB Journal and Living your Desired Life, Goal Setting Book. 
"I started my day with my "Living Your Desired Life Journal", just picked up my Secret Women's Business cards and then sat at the computer and saw this (Rowena Hateley Facebook post, Sunday 3rd April 2016).  Thank you for being such a guiding light." Emma (Perth)