"Hi Rowena, I just wanted to thank you for all your inspiration and guidance which led me to finishing work! I am really starting to feel so much more balanced and intune, all my cravings are slipping away & as I look back I realise how chaotic I was making my life.  Thank you!" Mel (Perth)

'Rowena's Flourish cards consistently help me through the times where I need guidance and reassurance that I am on the right path. I have used these Flourish cards on my friends and family and they have always benefitted from them. The cards have helped me in times of need and allow me to trust that the universe is setting me on the right journey. I will continue to use there cards no matter how big or small my questions/intentions are'. Sara (Sydney)

Hi Rowena, I just wanted to say how beautiful your cards are and how with a few other things they are giving me so much insight into a world that needs these more than ever .

The session I had with you was amazing and so happy I was given these cards at this time in my life 

Cheers Cathy 

Great cards - exactly what I needed to fill a niche for career and business readings - most decks are either general or career/finance, but this really covers the range of issues you face when building a business. Fabulous. And came with a great journal gift, very unexpected and much appreciated. HV

Lovely to meet you too!

I absolutely love the cards! I'm sharing them on my instagram this week, such beautiful cards! KB


"Even though it can't get much better right now.  There is nothing I'd rather be doing right now than designing my desired life.  This book is the best self-help development book I know and I promise you once you start goal setting you will become ADDICTED!  There is no greater investment than in yourself and your future.  Believe that, dream big!" Brooke via INSTAGRAM (Perth)


"I started my day with my "Living Your Desired Life Journal", just picked up my Secret Women's Business cards and then sat at the computer and saw this (Rowena Hateley Facebook post, Sunday 3rd April 2016).  Thank you for being such a guiding light." Emma (Perth)


"Hi Rowena,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for putting together and facilitating such a dynamic group. I am so proud to be a part of a group like this.  I look forward the whole month for our next meeting.

Much Love and Gratitude" Helena (Perth, May 2015)

“Rowena has been instrumental in helping me to create my desired business and also determine a clearer path in life. She conducts her sessions in a challenging and supportive way, weaving in different tools that help you to see your current situation more clearly. Rowena has a unique ability to draw from the more spiritual parts of life and combine those with a keen intellect, as well as grounded and practical tools. In particular, I have found the book “Living Your Desired Life!” a well thought out and useful tool to ensure that you are creating a well-rounded and purpose driven life. When I reflect on how I have changed over the past 12 months, I firmly believe that I would not have been able to change so much without the healing, wisdom and guidance Rowena has provided. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to change and move their life in a different direction; whether that be making a significant change or simply seeking to fine tune aspects of their life.” Vanessa (Perth)

"Hi Rowena, thank you so much for such a lovely informative session today. I thoroughly enjoyed it and could have listened to you for hours. I am a true believer that our Angels guide us and I know this to be true in my life. I have used your swb cards already and am blown away by how accurate and spot on they are! Sometimes a little too close to home, but you know they are true J Thank you again. Have a great evening." CW (Perth)

"I met up with a friend today and we had a wonderful afternoon chatting away and she pulled out these beautiful cards she bought from you on the weekend. I think they are the "Secret Women's Business cards". I thought the cards I pulled out where smack bang on for me, so of course I would love to buy a deck." 

L B (Brisbane)


"Thank you Rowena. I did my first reading of my SWB cards and it was just on target. I'm actually working on the advice ... creating systems and building my home base business, authenticity and share. Lovely first message ... fits me like a glove ;) Thank you so much for creating this amazing set." D.D. (Texas, U.S.A)

"Hi Rowena, the "Secret Women's Business" Cards are awesome." Vicki (Perth)