A Sample Reading of the Secret Women's Business Guidance Cards....


Sample 1.

Question: Is it in my best interest and highest good to go into a business partnership with this person?


YES....Go ahead; this is the best course of action for you.

PARTNERSHIP....Where may a partnership benefit you right now?

MENTORSHIP....Find a suitable mentor and gain from their experience.

WEB BASED BUSINESS....The World Wide Web awaits you.

EXPAND...Expand your business or business idea to the next level.














Sample 2.

Question: Is it in my best interest and highest good to continue my day job?


EGO TRAP....Are you too busy to create your dream business?

REFLECT AND SET GOALS....Focus your intent by setting some goals.

WALK....Walk forward with courage, strength and ease.

HOME BASED BUSINESS....Create a home based business today.

A SPIRITUAL BUSINESS....Create a business around spiritual matters.











Not getting the most out of your cards?


Consider these points to increase the effectiveness of your readings...

~Make sure you pull at least 5 cards each reading.

~Write your question down before you pull your cards out.

~If cards keep repeating it may mean you are not following through from previous readings and taking action on the changes you need to make.