So often you hear people say,

              “it’s business, not personal”.


This gives people the opportunity to act in ways which are lacking conscious thought and a higher awareness.


Here at the Secret Women’s Business Group we make it personal while attending to our business!


Share with us the journey of fabulous progress in your business while creating win/win relationships with others. Enjoy staying in your integrity while focusing on how you can serve others to make a difference.


We pride ourselves on making progress not perfection!


We encourage you to focus on your home/ business and setting goals so you feel the difference.


Striving for perfectionism is not in our nature....


....Enjoying the journey is!





What We're About....


 It's time to talk, share and connect.

Feel the energy of a new format and join us at "The Flourish Centre" for what promises to be an enriching experience.

This year our focus will be on YOU.

Together we will support and bring out the best in each other to foster the confidence for you to have a bright, wonderful year and thrive in 2017. 

We start the year off by defining...
     who we are... 
        who we want to be... 
             & the direction we want to go in!

Doesn't it feel great to be organised, inspired and supported? 


"Your opportunity to be part of this new group for 2017 and sign up has been extended for a limited time with our Memberships closing on 13th February.

Make this year about you, while creating great business relationships.


We would love to have you be a part of our "Secret Women's Business Group


For more details please contact 'The Flourish Centre' via email..

Memberships for 2017....



So mark us in your diary and enjoy the benefits and the journey.

~Make great friends.

~Create direct business relationships.

~Be around like-minded people.

~Receive coaching, tips & strategies to learn & grow with.

~Networking in a warm, friendlyenvironment.

~De-briefing and problem-solving as a shared group.

~A monthly meditation and regular feature presentation to inspire and ground you.


~Social events with like-minded ladies

~Opportunities to hold workshops or hire the workshop room and get a 10% discount at 'The Flourish Centre'.


Plus it's a full tax deduction!







Our yearly Membership Fee for the 2017 Secret Women's Business Group is $450 (plus GST) with no ongoing fees and includes your morning tea.