Saving Cinderella Workshop

With Rowena

June 28th, 10am-2.30pm

Includes Secret Women's Bundle (see shop)


The Flourish Centre (32 Cedric St, Stirling)

Is life a constant struggle?

Would you define yourself as being on the hampster wheel of life, a workaholic?

Is it time to work smart not hard?



Saving Cinderella is a holistic healing program designed to help you upgrade your life and upscale your business.


Find greater peace of mind and energy by working smart not hard and release the blockages to receiving better into your life.

Create a manageable work your passion and work/life balance by following the easy to implement strategies, healing the blockages exercises and following Rowena's wisdom and guidance.

Included in the program is

  • Several inner child meditations

  • Exercises to define and clarify your purpose

  • Exercises to release blockages to financial freedom and receiving

  • Guidance

  • Learning and wisdom

  • Discussion and plan to upgrade and upscale your business

A free Secret Women's Business Bundle is included in the price. The SWB bundle contains a Pack of Secret Women's Cards , SWB journal and a Living your Desired Life and Goal Setting Book

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