Cultivating Confidence Workshop


Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

 9.30a.m- 11.30p.m


Includes a free pack of Flourish Emotional Wellbeing Cards! 

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted?

Do you keep yourself busy to avoid starting your projects and dreams?

Are you blocking yourself from achieving your true life’s purpose?

Could your lack of confidence be fuelling feelings of fear and creating self doubt?


Let’s cultivate your confidence and banish procastination and self-doubt!


Get clarity, direction and peace of mind with this new workshop that will help you grow your own confidence, allowing you to spend your time doing what you know you would love to be doing.

Let yourself... 

  • Learn the most valuable strategy for creating confidence!

  • Discover the number one character trait that you need to cultivate!

  • Uncover the essential tool for creating confidence!

  • Practice and participate in personal development exercises!

  • Discuss the barriers we face in cultivating lasting confidence!

  • Take home a free pack of Flourish Cards, all yours to use!

Get clarity and insight from this new workshop with Rowena (Intuitive Consultant) at The Flourish Centre (32 Cedric St,Stirling). 

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