The Confidence Conference


Saturday, Feb 19th, 2022


$180, In Geraldton!

Tickets available 

Confidence follows inspired action!”


Imagine powering through each and every day feeling strong, confident and courageous!

Can you see your posture improved, your thoughts as positive and the belief in yourself overflowing?

How different do you feel when you are feeling confident? Wouldn’t you love to feel like this every day? 

Greater confidence is a balancing act between action (yes, I can do it!) and reflection (wow, I did that!).

Confidence isn’t a magic pill, or a permanent state; it is something that needs to be worked on every day. So, how do you increase and maintain your confidence?

Join @rowenahateley at our Confidence Conference February 19th, 2022, as she weaves you through a daylong event designed to inspire, educate and empower a more confident you to emerge!

Feel confident that you will know which areas of your life to work on and what actions are the most important to take!

During the day you will spend time in meditation, learn powerful releasing exercises, and take-home loads of practical strategies to build your confidence. You will leave knowing what it takes and how to do it.

Plus, connect with great women in your community, enjoy a nurturing day at the beautiful resort sharing your authentic self while enjoying lunch and a chat.

Give yourself permission to shine with the compassionate approach that it takes progress not perfection to be your most confident self. We look forward to seeing you… February 19th!

Rowena is an Intuitive Therapist and Empowerment Coach of 16 years with a Degree in Nursing / Midwifery and Psychology! Rowena is passionate about Energy Psychology and the Mind, Body, Spirit connection!